Venus Sinus

Morbid testaments to the sights left unknowing or the assumptions easily born of misinformation and association in assumption. Each meaning so sure of itself, the page to relegate its own devices and the remainders of place recourse for the ever present imagined need for closeness, always at the cost of space. Ambiguous degenerations of thoughts’ progress and the possibilities of exemplary significance purposefully removed. Options left to the neutrality of egalitarian thinking remain few, and punishable irregardless of intent or actual context. These phantoms of ideologies to interrupt the concepts of missing lost and valuable information misused and kept to its falseness for the commons or idealogies of standards and their absolutist compartments for over-specialization of roles and ideas, especially imaginary ones. Cross the boundaries, the gifts of thought to bless each passing isolation value condenses venom and curse to each portrait of absolutism and authoritarianism. And the ONLY alternatives, the same application of ultimate and only, of the necessary and supposedly helpful to that cruelty used to condone such otherwise optional helpfulness. Condolences to conscience, it’s never to be expected.

What ephemeral air of passing wind in humour could bless precisely enough to be claimed for others’ ambiguous need to attach to the world around? Imaginary event to produce such senses or the bodily digression of which came first, this observation of flesh and its embodiment in motion and operant structure. Curvature of space between intent and inspiration, the process assumed and contained? Here, the closure asked in such, operation or function? Ever changing, morphological constants, the structure always the highest regard and all we ever see of each other is already dead. Every part of human body eyes can perceive is already decayed beyond use, for the most part. What purpose, what meaning? Ambiguous validity, how much information that is absolutely true case and fact to standards is actually completely false? Proven so, and held with belief and commons as understanding that none can pass or upset, lest the detriment forestall any creativity left to them. Never-mind, by now limits in standards completely escaped in limits of structure-less-ness, and have become infallible for such assurance. Only certain parts must apply, the ligaments of legislate to the body of knowledge already completely entirety and unswerving physiologic law, arbitrary immunology and the rotation of the shoulder blade, absolute assurances of daylight or movement in the same humming of bees wings or blades cutting through the air for lift. Rotten or falling fruit, the variations ever present in any amount of supposed validity and the negation of even ‘Venus‘ in the sinus and nerves.

Language allowance and application, what derivatives of compilation entirely escape, remain missing for more centuries of honest involvement with no attention. Conceit in divinities to condition understanding of body, of the world, negation of the language used to formulate in favor of less accurate and more scientific terminology. Whose use, for what accuracy? What names would tell us more function, what inferences would condition our understanding to the reality of our own minds more effectively? And if not to our own minds alone, what assumption of separate fields of knowledge necessitate these transforms but negate their usefulness in favor of the newest and ‘best’? The language used to describe imaginary and mental event isn’t necessarily helped by the negation of all the tools we have used to navigate thus far: the more accurate naming of mental and imaginary event cannot negate the language used and evolved from to form scientific process.

Options in opportunism: whatever yuh needed…

Magnificence, the notable or granting contrivances of vision according to the imaginary space that digests information beyond our actual senses. The metabolism of dreams or the lifespan of an imaginary event: postulates of figures we contrive in the divisions of laborious task, time and the management of the process we imagine having influence over. Convinced significances of desecration and the limits given in normality or the conditions of constantly changing while remaining the same wholeness. Sense for wholeness, metabolism of lifespan, the things that are supposed to stay dead. Lost cause and missing information, the friction of inspiration or the myth of motivating factors beyond actual accident or coincidence. Any cause, any more meaning, the necessary to opportunity or the needed for controlled commons. Measured significance, magnifies the splendid to whatever perspective seems befitting, momentary gifts or drifts, inspiration and the naming of imaginary events to the meanings we are as portrayal. Reconvenes the harshness to quandry of possibility, the driven endings to the deadened past: proximal limitations to personhood. Figures, the parting actualities frequent the lost or damaging missing pieces, blame the mis-fitting knowing nothing was never meant for a place. Hold lonesomeness to no place, divert the easily mistaken horribly confused mysticism for the balancing of actual coincidence. Whole organisms, unto self alone, these constantly shifting axis points reconvene the daytime to splits in jarred textures of medium, cut diadem like a cation to a non-sense region, splatter vernacular randomness for coincidental absorption. Picking up random lettering schemes in charted lists of the possibilities between the numbered significance. Nominal nomials, the best wishes for actually picking out what symbols tend to take to certain cutting or edging, the figures that define and derive us in shapeliness imagined as event in mind. Envisioned precision to imaginary events and charting the significance as though any cause or meaning would be ready and applicable irregardless, and ever must be part of some sort of longer list. Options in opportunism, whatever yuh needed…

Coincident is plenty.

This is Imaginary

The visions between sight and the gaps of language left to the imaginary senses beyond sense that instruct with instinct, that derive potentials from medium to absorb in conditioning and gradient. These, same pathways and the recurb of newness or the ever pressing need to reconsider the futurism that must contain every part of everything, that must condition each accordingly. These mechanical bodies, they lift or pull in rotation and reference, in postural reflexes and repositioned spasms of thought or possibilities in movement. Always at ready, resting, or supposed in stillness or each anew with other potentials and significance decidable as the monitoring. The mythology in pushing weight or the retraction of selflessness as impossible to the movement of each of my limbs: gathered onto itself and expanding while contracting. Fluctuations of discernment in the devices commonly allotted the significance of emotions or movement that comes from imaginary, that frequents itself in that movement which is beyond will. Accuracy in the movement caused by imaginary space or the hillocks of sublimation that continue indefinitely and cannot be interrupted. The interruption of naming of imaginary event converges and converts itself almost immediately to random chaos and the continual decision of itself, as though decidable. As though any information where real enough to be decidable. Which accident could perform, what coincidence in thought or happenstance that could somehow meet it: that we cause and continue or and, that there is will beyond cause and continuance beyond collective. It is the power of the imagination that can make these connections for us, the abstracted self in parts of the scenery or landscaping around us, in parts of conversations caught from empty tables like the poet banker used to do. Could imagine the entire room was for me, could experience time as though it didn’t exist for the moments of pleasure. Could imagine being someplace else for those of pain. The events our imagination gives us, these almost tend to produce us, to conduct or entirely remove us from reality. Rhetorical platforming for words beyond sense for imaginary event, accuracy in record of incidents of accident and coincidence, as if those terms could never amount to as much as mythological construct bent on control or contortion of reality to Authoritarian deity or dialect. Narrative and dilemma shape contortions of fear and the reality of metaphysics as removed of skeptics, as impossible to limit or balance, as portents of supernatural festivities in the wake of intellectual property vs. metaphysical data. Imaginary is imaginary.

2019 Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Competition (poem)




A wholeness, frigidity forms

metamorphic structure to one of the

coldest mediums to become human

or, just what shapeliness

leaves hardened to pack carved form

shape, volume

weighted rounds to vacant

transitional shapes

flowing as if to liquify

solid statement

of space–

struck cold hard and immovable

by the last day, slightly melting.

(the hand of the eagle woman and the top of the temple

dripped into each other)


Dense conversions of the ways in which a concentration could produce itself, convert and condense based on the ambiguity of validity in path and reconvene severance values to mediums of absorption. Sometimes, returned to the filtrate completely changed and entirely the same, removal applies itself in portrait or assumptive stillness in the frequency of dialect or the certainty of slanting through certain diadem. Repetition comforts and confounds the nearness, the chance that every meaning must have so much of it or the regard of obviousness beyond the sure set affirmations that could litigate an absolute response. Any thought left to its own or information bound to itself rather than ever to a beyond? The separate field of knowledge, itself and imparted as regard and observation of self or disenchantment with the surroundings’ impressions in imagination. The blank space returned in empty bleak and discontented figures assured in themselves as shadows, refusing the flickering panic or uneasy movement for the fear of the binds. Separated self, incantations of apologetics or pragmatism in hopes for reaching beyond the metaphor to the actuality, and finding the metaphor better fitting. More accuracy, ambiguity! Mental or imaginary events, to be explained in complex textures of bodily fluid and or assumptions of spacial and non-dimensional shape for digestion. Describes itself, must coalesce beyond any sure answers: the answers must have existed, hopefully only as questions, themselves. The activity of thinking or the actuality of information, that it must exist to itself and cannot. Separated, heaves concepts to filtrates of base and landscape, starts with the ease, the shapes, the inward digestion, around itself again in protrusions of what seems concentrated in ideal or cut and measured of time from hardened medium.


Never condition a beginning, itself turns for the regard of sure set values in the composition that will talk to itself and never have an ending, or never never. Wishful thinking, the condolences to repetitions or the ways in which no one would really notice it. Which parts have been left out long enough to never bear any semblance? what fortitudes of lost or missing information have never been considered or how could it exist beyond? Betterment syndromes beating at the discoveries of new ideas, the seeking out of lost causes and defense of alternatives. More room for nothing, again, these contrivances of pattern or friction in movement contain small sparks and moments of inspiration, but beyond? Which parts of imagination could form themselves from nothing? The fractions of moments in which electricity is firing beyond input as though imagined. And it is. What potentials could give obviousness to the ideas in legacy or the wanted avoidance of the descript functionality in diction that can dissect itself easily enough alone, that could never be considered alone. To escape fate, we must be soulless (E.D.), kept away, awake yet apart like so many impossible conditions of placement for the invention of the word boredom. For when thinking was a separate activity, when it could separate itself: the ways in which it still does, the places it remains to belonging or the ways in which no meaning could be guessed from any accident in semblance of idiom in other languages to have already escaped this. English does truly know. How could one possibly know with only the ideas of one? How could any language escape another, the semblance in socio-cultural idiom is curling my toe nails at the avoidance of self in potential legacy and function in diction, of that which we have supposedly hidden or that which could never have existed, and the empowerment that disempowers us in rhetoric. Just slightly shift a meaning, the importance of avoidance and the unnecessary bore of the watered down considerance and anti-nationalist xenophobia. Did you catch that?!


Wanted the converging parts of day to reveal themselves accordingly, to reverse the patterns of nighttime hung in darkness around the limbs of the lowest reaching branches. They sweep with the wind, catch small parts of soil or rain beating back up toward the sky, reaffirm the conditions of process, conditioned the rules of beauty before they existed. The thirds or emphasis we must catch or meter with, the small deviations between any motion that could make either beauty or the ugliness easier to discern. Wince in the mediums of decision or diverge the cautionary predicaments to condensations of sublimated convergence; the furious assumption, which parts could have led to any other difference? The axil swings in the same motions, in the ever changing and removing positions of imagined interaction or varieties of experience according to reaffirmed or reactionary performances of thought progress. The lined patterns of touch, from the branches to the ground, the patterns to hope for, the missing parts of measurable space between the ground and any amount of growth show seams in dropping or brushing along. Leave pictures of touch, faint portraits of the breeze working or boundaries of significance swinging another picture to image in mind, ever moving or remembered as stillness within other moving picture. What part of my memory will sit still? even for something as simple as that? just a branch and the ground, the difficulty of touch or finding the texture of the accidental in patterns of nature. wanted the trunk to describe the way daylight could hit, wanted to give depth apart animism, reaching or dancing or becoming something else, it needs to represent thought, not just be a tree. Its all could describe.


Reversals and missing irregardless of the target, another questioning machine for asking answers that cannot be found, or that are better imaginary or unkown. What could usefulness limit in ourselves based on assumptions of answers or definitives? Same quandaries, these same figurative construed missteps to the perfectly assembled and apriorist parts allowed in pictorial representation. what small tick on any other graph meant the sanctity of life or appreciation of daytime must be stolen? What sort of representation could I imagine of my thought? What parts are left for the imagination to separate itself from thought, to recognize itself as separate? What limbs sprouted reptilian representations of self to mask or mirror, to redefine themselves according to makeshift charts that inform based on relegations of flesh and punishment for free thought? Information could never separate itself entirely, these senses we apply to knowledge could never know actual perspective, or what idea of observation could formulate itself in the medium of my mind today? The will of observation, the conscious will in perspective of assumption or the fact itself that wonder exists to say there must be another perspective on my own assumption from within myself connotates the tensions between will and “the” observer. Information is never an assumption of shared space, of automatic communication: the controlled excitement of idea could not be settled to individualism alone, nor should automatically belong to everyone in wants to be free.


Totality conundrums and specificity conductions that regulate the second rate to distances between any number or space, that alias themselves to biases in patterns of consistency based on figures of speech. Distance gathered ratios to spaces between negative or positive, to guessing and neutrality, suddenly wondered at the readiness to bombard a wrong answer. Could tell anything, could believe any part of imaginary, could create any amount of fictional interaction or interpretation or inspiration to pretend at a thought, as if it would alleviate a hunger or need in curiosity. Finding different ways to ask and different questions, and or getting stuck to the same old differences. Defenses for the loss or feeling of forgetting, what extremities beyond will reach for a corrected reality, will want for a sense of self as part rather than separate. And isolated, what mysterious ideas become imparted of the sense conditioned in togetherness. Beyond, ease and praddle convert sentence structures to muck and distance severed vocabulary listings from conversion table-type emotional spectrum, give relevance in courage and comfort and take removal as such, along with silence as an answer. Regulatory figures, legends, holotypes, the exclusive and exclusions, reasons it could seem impossible to directly ask for freedom. Individualism without persistency could avoid itself the confrontation of absolutes ever necessary in the liberal anxieties of crowd share or the ways in which any amount of information will ever amount to any amount of reality. Information reliability: separatist etymological defamation in lexiphane conundrums of frustrated caging. The best it gets, sorry. Particularity conundrums in grouping or organizing according to risk assessments during cognitive processes in which the words we use to deflate overly intellectual conversation quietly excuse themselves to the relevance of shame and sorrow or hunger and overly intellectual thirst. Here, what’s left for hearing out the conversions of discovery in the measurements of scored pattern or the beyond that imaginary can be for itself. Imaginary unaware of itself, must be in some form of absence or song learning that just instinctually happens, what seems real or actual or important. Becomes parts of scenery, breaks suddenness and imagery, gives tone or meaning in wanted peace and equality: as if any particular standing point will ever give us an even enough field for that.