Imagining Coincidence

Imagining coincidence, the capabilities in actual accuracy in record of a coincident or mental event, the capacity for observation and the tendency to add to any certain event from personal beliefs or experience. The need for accurate record of imagined event and the actuality that most coincidence is an imagined event cannot be separated: imaginary is imaginary, but can be applied to reality through character, figure and situation applying thought memory imaginary and through attitude performance and behavior. Defunct patterns of human fragility, the mentions of actual coincident are few and all rely upon personal experience: to say you observe is an opinion. Apart from the claimant nature of some mysticism, coincident in nature in the volatility of change and anachronistic evolutions of certain species could define actual coincidence beyond the shallow claimant nature of most record of testimonial account. There are plenty of examples of similarities in nature that seem coincidental, but maybe a coincidence is found not as much in similarities but in paradox and that which is more difficult to easily notice as being in resemblance or reminding of other energetics. Real coincident depends upon meaning and others additive indicatives of intention and the record: to isolate a coincidence apart from meaning seems more like an accident, and even those usually don’t escape some for of mystic claiming or another.Β Actual coincidence in megafauna leftover for whatever reason from every other changing act in natural progression: the differences in something like letters crossing in the mail or needing a decent example that could escape the boundaries of human perspective alone, knowing there is really no escape. This deadening place happens to these quandaries once in a while: there is no record accurate enough for imagination and coincidence. If the connection could be imagined, it could probably be proven or found and once again depends upon human error and record based on perspective sense. Anything could attach to anything if tried hard enough, everything does not necessarily attach to everything though, and especially not accurately. Technically, this is also record of imaginary event, but doesn’t depend upon being called that, and tends to want accuracy more than intensity, a stillness within becoming a formed stillness without, a certain amount of permanency to thought.


Derivements of space and the inward glancing structures of decision and word, conscious choice and indecision in meaning and chance reconvene accidents in emptiness to contrast filling thought. Distributions of sense and containments of the measures possible in the makeshift limits given to suffice haphazard need for knowledge where there is none. Intertwining facets of decidability restrain everything at once, giving the chance that little enough could actually entertain to cause focus or cause itself. Nothing and Everything just beyond every decision of voice or choice in material, electric currents of inference and the possibilities in being actually electrified by something! Every part of the environment being currently presented, every part of that condescending to the actuality of interaction with just this small portion, perspective, sense. Removable limits of time and space reconsidering the positions of inadvertent data, of the present moment and the actuations of actually existing within it while having this amount of seperateness imagined in stillness, in creating a still portrait of indicative. Inferences of timeliness and incandescent change created in every small moving creature within us, every unexplainable transference between chemical and electrical data, another small arc, form, pattern in electric partially touching. The remove of dimension, this solidity beneath: no actuality but form and the electric cushion between tiny particles, nothing ever really moving or touching? Interest and curious indentations of memory and indecision: what could possibly solidify?

The Same Change

Fallibility and volatility: supposed mistakes in nature and the nature of change. The volatility of chance and the accident and coincident necessary to growth and natural change that can be easily manipulated or claimed to chance instances of perspective and assurances in human sense. Invariable differences in measureless constraints of time and the memory of nature in stints of what’s learned to be evolved and the progression of adaptation in fits of possibilities based on human feats and signs of earthly life. The process of counter-intuitive industrial interference against actual understandings of chance beyond claimant nature of human institutions bent on the use and ownership of chance, whether in religions or otherwise, becoming every part of our unnoticed environments. The inter-connectivity of even the most absurd human inventions to a natural system shows the nature of change and chance therein: the accounts of an invention becoming an actually natural one are few but what wonders of industrialized life could bloom beyond any of our inventiveness and what ways in which could anyone prepare? The ministries of sense bound to any consternation of reason and the incapacity of law to really form just clauses of inference for any rhetoric or rhetorical situation, for possibilities and human fallibility in invention and inventing. Constant change, the capacities of natural systems when blocked or unhinged by manufactured human institutions and systems, the ways in which we and/or our own institutions tend to change or impress us with information and data. The usefulness of any imbalance in nature and the measurements of natural change in human scales and easily misconstrued ultimatums of measure and value. Dividends of expression and impressions of inventions that could change the nature of change and chance, the hopefulness of human beings against accident and only ever in accordance with our own volatile natures, to escape this natural system that forms based on volatile relationships and chance encounters…forever subject to our own intensities, inventing always anew more options and ways to disconnect from this natural system, becoming systemic repression of needs and desires based on human models and modems of interactive allowance. Anachronisms and missing partners in nature, the easily escaped absolutes of human timing and the tyranny of the clock in misrepresenting the actuality of changes in daylight or any number of other listed examples of escape from what’s recorded as an absolute and absolved system and the actuality of its constant changing, even the change never being the same.


Indifferent interests in the surroundings of chance or the causes of supposition in superstition and the ever present ephemeral significance that issues itself according to allotments of interest or investments of time. The avoidance of avoiding and the refusal to focus on any particularity for the cause of chance in frames outside those that would need stricter focus and reverent attentions. That which is beyond to remain forever bound to legend or myth, to cantankerous decisions in limits of space and the times needed to incur meaning and give time worth. The indecisive contortions of space limited to fractions of person or only partiality of surroundings, the need to be of and for and in use of everything, anything and beyond. For every mountain range that could be piles of curves and hard angles in rudimentary shapes, that must be only of primary colors and that is absolutely certain of itself and the containment of daylight assumed and used against the need for free thought. Prisms flashing bright arrays of chance and sectored pardons of hue in blending passions of conditioned inertia and impositions of unfairness and concern: any other place a thought could fathom itself, as though there must be particular locale or specific absolute function to assume and use against sense for the sake of determinant mythology and absolutist ultimatums of time and space. Disarray and the overlapping chasms of space convened in any single sight, the let alone preponderance of vastness beyond measure and without any certainty beyond being uncertain, the constraint in limitlessness and the angular spaces of possibilities misconstrued in any glance or even second glance: the ease of distortion and the implacable conveniences of mythology and the usual permissions of person and consolations to any independent thought or self-pride. Ministries of thoughtful absolutes and entrapping ultimatums of process for any amount of freedom of expression or free thought. Decisive inconclusive measureless in-treatise of thought and fathomed distances beyond measure, of the incessant need to know and the refusal to assume knowledge.

A Parted Environment

Fairness in the paces between shape and motion comparing with time and space for indicatives useful enough to make sense. The distances beyond measurement again, and the indecisive nature of any cognitive process or perspective. Another metered distance from the time spent wondering and the words becoming themselves without thought, knowledge beyond any knowledge of our own and the invention of time to the misuses of infinitum, as though it is for us, in fact as though we must be our own inventions. Negations of free will and the idea of participation beyond any actual interaction: incurable curiosity for that which is beyond sense, the hardened facts of what has become to be expected of such inquiry and wonder. Upsets of past indicatives and the removals of self from the triumphs of anxiety, the considerations of conservation of space and the matter left to argue about universal data in anything. As though any constant could be real for long enough to matter or the differences between time and space are all that have been keeping us apart, to the sense of being able to be individualist, or separate from anyone or anything. What lovely dimensions of difference each must have or become for some sort of passing momentum. What apriory could shift its subjective gaze for long enough to concert a portion of truth to record of any sort or become real for long enough to be recognized at all, let alone with any factual basis.

The ways in which dimension presents itself to mind, presence and the capability to miscalculate and sever values of sight for vision or portions of the past for personal renditions, the fairness of the assumption of shape and the corner that turned to circular angles for moments of confused apprehension. The moment is shapely enough and continues to other ones, becomes another dimension of memory and recalls accordingly to the distances wanted or matched or kept. Decisions already made, the conditions of actual choice few, and taken the farther in the negation of will as though invented for separation from environment or fashioned specifically in each as a will to have intuitive sense of surrounding being separation and impartation. Constraining exertions of voice and inertia of idea and ideal, what care could avow itself time or space for any subject or matter for fact? The indiscernible cautionary flaunting and decisions of recovery and resilience still abound in balance and constraining indicative parts of leisure to usefulness or that part didn’t belong there, the sense of attachment to and release from surroundings and environment as a part of persona. Disenchanted miseries and confiscated time apart interrupted again, as though time and indecision were never allowed, the fullness of returning against the pull to ease or fervor, the unpleasant dissonance and in-between transitioning movement or bare decipherable want to dissect perspective or inert concertion of difference compelled and exhorted in solace and reprieve.

Imagined Constraint

Investments of time and the efforts of imagined constraints. The idea of accuracy in the record of imaginary events, thoughts forming themselves of the surroundings and cautions learned and the entreat of stress patterning from other parts of partialities we have come to understand as part of our own wholeness. The world involved in us, these words to describe the mental events that orchestrate the possibilities of understanding and insight, that allow for the wonder of the ideas beyond self. The particular details able to frustrate to no end the concepts of shared space and interactive environments. The willingness to be fully engaged in the environment and surroundings, wherever that may be or could even be imagined as applying to. Distractions and escapes bring surfacing to the curves of tension and those same curves of beauty or allowance of slightly a-symmetrical spin to every growth or pattern. Beauty needs ugliness, order needs mess. Reality remains a perception and re-conditions the variances of anxiety to tolerable levels automatically, what’s left missing and exasperation, what wanted involvement or needed the attention? Subliminal exertion in variances of postural reflexes again and again, uncontrollable automatic reactions, impulsivity and the ability to focus on obscure stressors. Pausing and wincing for the “places” beyond sense worth reckoning with or avoiding. Incandescent magnitudes of shapeliness in portions of attendant sight and the imaginary event beyond even the record of dreams. Beyond words for sense in the describing of imaginary event, the capability to automatically assert imagined connections and cause and the need to feel connected to the world around us. We aren’t necessarily attached, and an imagination could invent an entire environment, and re-invent every instance of interaction for the attainability of ambiguous connection and cause that doesn’t have actual presence or otherwise effect or affect on the situations themselves. The possibilities of cause are endless, finite but endless, and constrain based on assumptive efforts of claimant autonomy. Limits to reason and understanding in the description of mental and imaginary events and the ability to easily formulate connections that aren’t real and that don’t actually hold referendum or reference. The lacking portrait and continual abasement of sense as though it could really be common or as though what we have mostly figured out by now will never be known to the most of us even with the most extravagant efforts to inform. The assumptions of imaginary event causing real constraints upon the actuality of the investments and engagements, the idea of wholeness of environment automatically attaching us to parts of cause and connection that really has nothing to do with us at all. Grand togetherness procedures and the ease of connectivity in imaginary event, paradox and proximity to fashion cautions and whims to invent new measurements of assurance.


Invented togetherness to hold lonely

The variances still quiet and leaning

dolorous heave and disquieting leisure

The magnificence of feeling

the mountains as a part of something

other than the scenery

Trepidation of others’ vision

Could have been seen before

Never as this, never as that

conceit Divination promise and demise

impressions of consolations to pride again

It’s all yours!

Variability and Volatility

In the invariability and constraint of assumption and potential, nature does not plan the future, nor does it need to. Nature a separate field or innate and departed from us, knowledge as separate field and the tendency to assume infinitum: the apriory of infinitum in the assumptive potential of interaction or environment. The habitual and innate,Β  variability and volatility: nature doesn’t need guess work for future problems, and solves them as advancement irregardless of the options or obstacles. That which knowledge of nature could never reach and decidable limits to the possible combinations of instances of interaction with environment. Knowledge and inspiration as innate and also entirely apart from us, imaginary to be assumed beyond biological construct is a mistake, and a dangerous one. Imaginary is a physiological construct of silence, clarity and stillness as physiological constructs of non-space or nothing. These spaces within the body that could very well produce such actions and reactions as those that would be necessary to guessing games of similar instancing are prevalent and common throughout the body, especially in inflammation and retention in plasticity. Knowledge beyond knowledge, these imaginary confirmations of suppliant skill share and the persistence of individuality as the obvious goal in most growth, nature as knowledge in separate field, a part of nature and the idea itself of being so separate, that very same capability in imagination. The indescribable sense of imaginary beyond words for sense, the idea of all-knowing and everything and that which knowledge of nature could never reach in imaginary space. Knowledge beyond nature? Incessant power of suggestion and the inopportune accident and coincident claimant to removals and refusals of any claiming of personas of conditioned expression and motion confused for emotion in the ideas of body and being. Shapeliness beyond the devices of space, of self, illimitable imagination and the powers of confabulation. Disenchanting and formulaic refusals of misinterpretations’ dangers and the trepidation of mind and being beyond oneself imagining as though separate or innate. Could only ever be in one place at one time, imaginary is imaginary and the transforms of possibility and capability in blind spots and great guessing have lost entire centuries of rhythm and information to paradox and proximity. Volatility and the risk assessments intended to curtail progress especially cater to systems with the most upset and counter-reactive possibilities in transforms, too dangerous and confidential, these natural constructs of imaginary space and the ease of misinterpretation in differencing machines. How could we measure our differences to nature, were we not so far beyond in imaginary? We have inventions to tell us we’re so much more separate, to assure us of our safety from the wilderness. More variants and volatile seeming situations are necessary to growth, and nature depends upon growth in homeostasis, not defeats and competitions. Not safety. Nature doesn’t guess, but grow: cannot be wholly separate or definitely innate, and doesn’t necessarily construe knowledge.