Phenetic Collocation

“The transcendental imagination is without a homeland.” Heidegger.

Imaginary a space and the indicatives of timing in the concentrations of attention or the relevance of reference in accordance with the potentials of already existing data and the limits of that which must be formed anew. The impressions of data in elicitation and the realizations of possibilities in triviality and the ever constant pull of same-ness and proximities triumphing over the more accurate and real, the paradox and parable in the phenetic actuality of real connectivity. Structureless shapeliness and the changing of a limb of thought like a snowflake falling to different patterns according to the atmosphere, grew another dimension and then melted it away, prisms of light instantaneously portraying image and picture, in no particular place, storing these visions and compliments of scenery in potentials and gradients for future shapeless patterns. These quadrants of digestion to exist and take apart that which has never been seen before, that which without perspective could never be heard. These other dimensions in mind, never given a perspective, cannot be real? Or can make false reality from physiological constructs response to imagined stimulus? These other worlds within us, of silence clarity and stillness, of things that do not exist anywhere else in this universe of constant motion and sound and noise: actual silence, actual stillness, imaginings of a present moment, now a past. Still frame capturing parts of motion that we then fill in for with Fourrier transforms, imagined fluidity creating parts of dimension in motion and imagination, new shapeliness to form image and texture, to create a space in which something within could be recognized. Newness becoming the boundary limits to potential and gradient, the data itself the path itself, data the nutrients necessary to physiological constructs of risk assessments and global alarm mechanisms, the ways in which new data reforms old, and the possibilities in anything being actually new. The fragments of any other path to be found, the same letters or basic body, forming something new, forming new limits of possible creation in the future, stopping points of form to solidify change within boundaries of what has been created in the past. Similarities and paradox in structure or bodily limit, the shallows of patterns of indicatives based on these faint aspects of evolutionary structure, that one cannot help but share, compared with the comparison of the deeper aspects of phenetic collocation, especially in imaginary and mental event, which are physiological constructs.


REST, the REST at, ResT

The distractions of thought and the wanted nothingness of curiosity left unfulfilled, unanswered, a greater mystery, not a sure set of absolutes. The constraining impressions of indignant vanity in the want to control and contort indeterminable data, the want to define that which is undefinable while describing silence…The weight of assumptive perspective and the idea of audience in creating, the presence of information beyond its actual solid state, the idea beyond actually having one, definitions of meaning or space that’s already been taken, that has sure set purpose and promise and potential, swearing. Diagonals of sight and definitions of belonging, the way a shelf turns consciousness, the indicative motives of assumptive process and the delegation of focus. Importance and decidability factors in thought construction and the parts of thought engaged or free. Immensities exacting non-sense and derivatives of subject matter splattered across idea and fervor for curiosity and free thought. The defining, demanding, wrent postulates of acceptability and usefulness, an underlining assumptive construct automated, changes for ease or commonality or futurism. Allowance factoring in fractal patterns of capability and allowance, exactitudes of effort and affluence, convicted executions of design and destiny, importance decidability manipulation becoming shapeless forms of assumptive motion beyond any actual recognition. Random, chaotic seeking out of patterns, the recognition of some places beyond any sure or set relegation or demand returning indicatives outside pattern, giving refinement or potential by accident. Postulate pulls of indicative possibilities in imaginary space. Thoughts left beyond description, outside of any amount of focus or indicative, measureless conditions of impression and expression, the thoughtlessness of the here being of now, unrelenting and uncaring figures of decanted enchantment or failures remembered and applied as automatic constraint: refinements in possibility and regulatory risk assessments in focal devoid patterning of the most or least of anything, extremities of scaling and absolutions of perspective observation.

Imagined Experience

A reality


Someday, To Be Able To Tell The Weather And Thought

Someday, To Be Able To Tell The Weather And Thought

Bright clouds and sinking harmonies:

making of destiny

Brightened mists and foggy glow

through obscured visions

Atmospheres of melody, sinking

covering grounds in the same fog

Glowering intensity and measuring

fraught insistence and mesmerizing

Beyond sense, these portions of imagined

slandering, covering the earth in thickened

Weathering, the distress in nimbostratus

what’s coming, these tell tale signs

Reading Lorentzian possibilities

gathered in sunken refrain

Metachromatic off-key stances

the music in the weathered

The faint, faint harmonious need

to be in key, to be tuning

These revelations to sense, to comradery

to differences in stance and belief

Weather played out musically

the events as they are happening

Not because they must happen

but because they do

The chair still emptied, not determined

but honest and true

Contrasts of insight and decision

basking in the foggy glow again

Searching through the potentials of thought

rummaging melodically, methodically

Making it rain,

imagining a closeness

Mental and Imaginary Event

The ephemeral distance between thoughts, the given anecdotes to distraction and the want for focus, the details and humdrum converging in limits to condone wonder: what tends to hold attention, what parts of thought are deemed important enough to actually participate in the medium of the mind and how many thoughts do we imagine or have that are never actually noticed? That which is just beyond thought and the thoughtfulness it takes to wonder about it, strange instances of conundrum and paradox, conversions of space that continually change and manifest more distances and possibilities in the spaces between wondering. Excitements and presentations of interest, the focal points of intensity and the ways in which voice is noticed internally: wind blowing through empty spaces of contemplation and deriving the postulates of contriving impression or actuality in mental event. At what point is it an actual mental event? How far and removed from any number of them could anyone be or become? Physiological constructs of imaginary spaces, of thought, mental and imaginary event consorting in focal devoid patterns according to potential and gradient, according to free will and the ability to actually focus upon any given matter. What differences would there be beyond record, and how close could any really get to the actual instance of thought or imagining? Impressions of space and the contrivances of manipulation, easily seen and avoidable messes of consciousness assured of absolutes and conditioning according to potential alone, as though that were all we really are…areas of the brain lit with excitement, dualism automatically incorrect, the distance from physiological presence imaginable, and as real to me as imaginary space: dualism and monism, that we cannot be separated from these physiological forms but is it possible we actually create imaginary spaces from physical space that exists? Could both simultaneously be correct? The doubtful concordances of interest and the want for the matter of mind to be recorded accurately, how far could we separate these simple machines from the ghosts within them? How far could thought be from the body and how close to actual record of it have we really gotten? Fallible writing, as close as one could get to the actual instance, but still far and removed: thoughtlessness and nothingness in writing and the distances imagined between thought and its record. Is writing actual record of imaginary and mental event, or something else? A formulate of the spaces between these simple machines and the ghosts within them or wanted record of the possibilities in inspiration and potentials being met as we make them for ourselves. Free thought and the want for accurate record of imaginary and mental event, of the distances from physiological space that are possible in imagination and inspiration, the exactitudes of excitement and impressions of reality from space that is anything but. Imagining ways to thoughtfulness, to constructs of thought and its capabilities, of that which could be imagined separated from these simple biological machines and the need for accurate record. It is a physiological construct of data regardless, and depends upon sense to be described: imagining these separations may be as close to any actual separation as we ever get. If I imagined it hard enough, I could be a glass of water, and everything and everyone in my environment would agree with me. I don’t want to trust my imagination for reality, but is it possible that non-matter and non-space manifest from within physiological construct? What aspects of spirituality are allowed in this type of discussion and where does that leave thought and its accurate record?

*Gilbert Ryle, Descartes (Ghosts in a machine)

Accidents Happen, Coincidence is Plenty

The ways of attention, the given references to the stacks left wonderment and the times needed to intensify the ideas of the great beyond, of that which is unseen. The ease of assumption and application of meaning to events that coincide or signify others, of all the ways in which connection becomes something else, a miracle or magic to invest in. Instances of semblance and resembling actions already taken or noted, the mischief in individualist action and the assumptive process of crowds. Simplicity and expectation taken to measure the resounding reference of identifying mental event and working for attachment or meaning without really intending to, the ways in which we automatically compartmentalize that which happens to us or that which doesn’t, the automatic repetitions of space and reference we wouldn’t even notice that we make. A coincidence is plenty, and accidents happen far beyond any meaning or application of intensity that we could come up with, bargains for the space necessary to legitimate wonder and confusion, for time beyond that instant gratification of mystical claiming needed to investigate the reality of whatever mental event could reckon attention, could make a sense of togetherness feel more possible or the weight of individuality seem more bearable. Dreams and visions, the exactitude of garnering weights of passage beyond the ease of claimant mysticism, beyond the fervor of religion and outside the constraints of skeptical refrain, the possibilities to remain open and a closure themselves in persistence and attention: given another glance, the capabilities of flesh compared with the overwhelming sense of spirit, of that which is beyond human understanding but which still gives us some forms of presence. As the wind, we know not where it comes from or where it is going, we try to name and claim based on what facts could be gathered of such instances, of coincident, of accident, but fall short in base absolutions and assumptions readied to apply and displayed as though the only option of meaning were already applied, already absolute, already a sure sight of significance with no option for mystery or unknowing. Be comfortable not knowing, understanding the tricks and gimmicks easily applied and convincingly misused for the sake of supposed knowledge, for absolute answers where there really are none. Leave alone the possibility, remarks of passing worried refrain and diligence in seeking out reality from concentrated levies of mystifying signs and easily taken regard in ambiguity and great guessing. Fabricative coincidence for guessing games of similar instancing or multiplexing in a multiverse with the ambiguity of validity: it’s a certain grouping mechanism and great guessing based on potentiality and repetition with monotony most of the time, practiced closeness and mystifying potentials garnered weights of passage slightly above chance and forever removed from humane regards of thought and its predicaments. The ease and magic of reading, of the potentials we form for words even before they’re seen or spoken, of the predetermination that does not decide free will, that only really works because of so many potentials for other instances that could work or become likely enough, of the chance and change of volatile nature that reckons with the prefabricated parts of the mind to become measures of freedom and the freedom of choice and individual speculation. Any possible action could pass through my mind, any imaginable choice could become a real option, but doesn’t, and needn’t. Doxastic responsibility for epistemological normativity: the responsibility for unconscious urges or for that which is beyond control in conditioning of environments over long periods of time, products of environment to a certain degree applying whatever meaning we have been conditioned with oftentimes without even meaning to. Responsible seeking of the great beyond and that which tends to hold attention or garner interest based on conditioned environments and formulaic assumptions of past and future, of the here and now. What gets or is given attention, supposedly, and the obviousness of the ambiguity of validity: if ambiguous enough, any amount of guessing could seem accurate to a situation, and if practiced enough in monotonous and repetitive space, could try and attach meaning to any action as though some form of reaction or etcetera. In hopes for discernment, patience and diligent seeking of the reality of the situations made from mental event, given as unreal monuments of possibility and taken for absolute meaning. Diligence and the timing of forethought that needn’t be applied to great guessing games of the fake meaning given any amount of plain coincident or accident. Accidents happen, coincident is plenty.

Decide Not To Decide

Information reliability and the willingness to wonder without sure, set answers and beyond absolutes. There are any number of ‘correct’ answers with any amount of alternatives that are hardly ever seen or used, and absolutes oftentimes become the only option for an answer. In a want for better questions, not answers, in need of more curiosity and willingness to wonder outside the norms and what we’ve been convinced are absolutely true. There are any number of examples of space in which alternative answers could make as much sense but aren’t used, just as there are plenty of examples of space in which not knowing would be better than pretending we do and presenting false absolutes or definitives. The need to be comfortable not knowing, the pressing indicatives of thought and its ramifications in positions of interest and intent becoming the wonder itself and capability therein: mediums of thought and its expounding views of possibility for process. The inventive mind’s intrinsic patterns of decision, never quite an absolute decision, but a continual work for conclusions that make sense and can form rhetorical situations that are operant: the need to know and the illusion of decision hand in hand, it’s easy to invent answers that work, it’s much more difficult to leave it for wondering, to leave an open ended question without a need for absolutist answers. Curiosity is plenty, and working minds can’t be forced to make decisions, especially about thought and its wonder, especially about metaphysical data and its possibilities. Free thought and the certainty of being wrong: uncertainty and the need for margins of error, recognizing alternatives and being comfortable with being in the wrong according to most. Certainty has its rewards in absolutes that fit but don’t actually operate or that operate but don’t really fit, and can always be answered by doubt. There is always room for doubt, there are always alternatives, there is always another option. If given only one of two options, choose neither or both, if given only limited options of possibilities and only absolutes to answer, choose nothing. There is no way to force a decision, and there are always other options to choose from! (Or invent!) Cartesian duality or Dionysian dichotomy, there are systems of influence that limit the process of decision to only a few operant options for good reason, but they don’t need to become absolutes and the options don’t need to be ultimate answers. Be comfortable not knowing. Be comfortable in the wrong. There are always other options, there is always another perspective.

Individualist Chance

The differences in attention to the great beyond, the mystical claiming of coincidence and the portions of accident used as though applicable when barely attached based on simple ambiguity. The usefulness of the ideas of the spirit, the exactitude of wanted space from the incessant guessing games for fabricative coincidence that could apply meaning from any environment, that could become any amount of doxastic responsibility if tried hard enough. The exchangeable limits of reason and the chances that mean freedom of choice and will beyond any predetermination of thought or capability in guessing. The ease of application of any amount of accident or coincident to a monotonous repetitive environment, the seeking out of actual reality beyond the ease of mental event applied to any instance of thought or action. Beyond any guessing at knowledge predetermined or ill caste before us, there is possibility at other chance, at choice, at change. Free will and the bargains against it: the great guessing of environments becoming a problematic sense of determination of mental events, coalescing the outer limits of reason and purchasing chance refrains of potentiality and slivers of environment projecting parts of itself from epistemological norms. Envisioned possibilities in the ideas of mystical claiming as they usually are, applying absolute meaning and attention given no option of actual digestion and deciding intrigue based on the impossible limits of attentive gaze: accidents happen, coincident is plenty. The ambiguity of validity assuring sights of great guessing while leaving truth to portent and tales of mental events and their grand experiences: the need for discernment and patience in regards to any amount of mystical or skeptical claiming. The meaning applied to any coincident, to any chance speculation of that which is slightly beyond us, to real change in the volatility of nature and the possibilities not taken as absolutes. That which we automatically assume or have been conditioned to accept or defer based on past experiences and current environment becoming blinders to the reality of that which cannot be claimed or maimed by chance reason found in coincident or accident. That no matter how warped and unjust any amount of coincident or accident could become, and far beyond any application of mental event to any amount of meaning wanted from them, chance choice and individualist free will exist and permeate far beyond the predetermination that finds its ease in applicative coincident or accident. It is predetermined that we have free will. That which holds attention cannot be bargained for, and the ambiguity of validity can prove itself time and again in great guessing at coincident and accident that needn’t be claimed to a certain meaning to have resonance, that don’t control actual chance or real choice and that cannot be expected to any one mental event’s significance.

Given Space

Intensities of spaciousness, the conversions of adverse

involuntary excitement, derivement of considerate

space worth nobodies business

Gracing immeasurable limits, containing

roughage and desires and missing excitements

Closeness beyond itself and reckoning attention

Partially wrecked and according to damage

afforded by these lengths of time

or what it is that we must give ourselves

The spaciousness of conversation forgotten

only dreams for the lonely, lowly, stop guessing

Fulfilment in remove and decision or care contrition:

Spaces remaining for self and abandonments

Never Exactly…

The passing times and capabilities of inspiration: the ease of conditioning response becoming the terse invitations of inspiration and progress construed in multiplicative efforts. Every part of the present condition before actually presenting anything regards the moment, this here and now, as already passing by, and the future becoming every moment worth having, refrains from too much sense and predicts a congruency morphing possibilities to surroundings and environment becoming every part of self, separate. This was for you, too, and was definitely about proximity and inspiration, the ways in which we tend to hold onto information or organize data according to autonomous space and presumption. The same around again, these exact same ideas anyplace differently, these very same postulates of possibilities becoming another place just as easily, wondering usefulness and worthwhile effort: meaningless, meaningless, it has happened before, but never exactly like this. Origins of creativity, the constant fears of always sharing, the idea that communication depends upon will and the tendency to invite non-present audience in writing. There is no you or I, very few instances of actual audience and even fewer recounted interactions. Dilemma of inspiration again, this present moment becoming every other, any other, just so easily these layers of dimension interact and convene in parted lengths of creativity and inspire beyond any hope of attribution. What parts could possibly belong and which parts were already existing? Of this present assurance of creative graft and originality, how many others are currently writing something similar or could be inspired by something like this? How often does any of that happen simultaneously? Having a better idea for the predicaments of coincidence would help, of the ease of congruence and the applicability of ambiguity in any situation. If it’s ambiguous enough, it could fit anyplace and make sense enough. The meaning will always be left to the audience, and complete and secure and sure, yes, but entirely up to you, in the end, every piece really is. The claiming of coincidence brings meaning automatically: this were to match perfectly to others intentions, to become another part of themselves, parts of their own environment always being attached, and can’t escape the sense of meaning attached to any limit of coincidence. Of the assumption attached to apriory and the indicatives of thought that pronounce organization of information to us, of feeling attachments that don’t exist or fearing those that can’t, of inspiration and proximity, creativity and originality.

Imagining Coincidence

Imagining coincidence, the capabilities in actual accuracy in record of a coincident or mental event, the capacity for observation and the tendency to add to any certain event from personal beliefs or experience. The need for accurate record of imagined event and the actuality that most coincidence is an imagined event cannot be separated: imaginary is imaginary, but can be applied to reality through character, figure and situation applying thought memory and imaginary, and through attitude performance and behavior. Defunct patterns of human fragility, the mentions of actual coincident are few and all rely upon personal experience: to say you observe is an opinion. Apart from the claimant nature of some mysticism, coincident in nature in the volatility of change and the anachronistic evolution of certain species could define actual coincidence beyond the shallow claimant nature of most record of testimonial account. There are plenty of examples of similarities in nature that seem coincidental, but maybe a coincidence is found not as much in similarities but in paradox and that which is more difficult to easily notice as being in resemblance or reminding of other energetics. Real coincident depends upon meaning and others additive indicatives of intention and the record: to isolate a coincidence apart from meaning seems more like an accident, and even those usually don’t escape some for of mystic claiming or another. Actual coincidence in megafauna leftover for whatever reason from every other changing act in natural progression: the differences in something like letters crossing in the mail or needing a decent example that could escape the boundaries of human perspective alone, knowing there is really no escape. This deadening place happens to these quandaries once in a while: there is no record accurate enough for imagination and coincidence. If the connection could be imagined, it could probably be proven or found and once again depends upon human error and record based on perspective sense. Anything could attach to anything if tried hard enough, everything does not necessarily attach to everything though, and especially not accurately. Technically, this is also record of imaginary event, but doesn’t depend upon being called that, and tends to want accuracy more than intensity, a stillness within becoming a formed stillness without, a certain amount of permanency to thought.


Derivements of space and the inward glancing structures of decision and word, conscious choice and indecision in meaning and chance reconvene accidents in emptiness to contrast filling thought. Distributions of sense and containments of the measures possible in the makeshift limits given to suffice haphazard need for knowledge where there is none. Intertwining facets of decidability restrain everything at once, giving the chance that little enough could actually entertain to cause focus or cause itself. Nothing and Everything just beyond every decision of voice or choice in material, electric currents of inference and the possibilities in being actually electrified by something! Every part of the environment being currently presented, every part of that condescending to the actuality of interaction with just this small portion, perspective, sense. Removable limits of time and space reconsidering the positions of inadvertent data, of the present moment and the actuations of actually existing within it while having this amount of seperateness imagined in stillness, in creating a still portrait of indicative. Inferences of timeliness and incandescent change created in every small moving creature within us, every unexplainable transference between chemical and electrical data, another small arc, form, pattern in electric partially touching. The remove of dimension, this solidity beneath: no actuality but form and the electric cushion between tiny particles, nothing ever really moving or touching? Interest and curious indentations of memory and indecision: what could possibly solidify?

The Same Change

Fallibility and volatility: supposed mistakes in nature and the nature of change. The volatility of chance and the accident and coincident necessary to growth and natural change that can be easily manipulated or claimed to chance instances of perspective and assurances in human sense. Invariable differences in measureless constraints of time and the memory of nature in stints of what’s learned to be evolved and the progression of adaptation in fits of possibilities based on human feats and signs of earthly life. The process of counter-intuitive industrial interference against actual understandings of chance beyond claimant nature of human institutions bent on the use and ownership of chance, whether in religions or otherwise, becoming every part of our unnoticed environments. The inter-connectivity of even the most absurd human inventions to a natural system shows the nature of change and chance therein: the accounts of an invention becoming an actually natural one are few but what wonders of industrialized life could bloom beyond any of our inventiveness and what ways in which could anyone prepare? The ministries of sense bound to any consternation of reason and the incapacity of law to really form just clauses of inference for any rhetoric or rhetorical situation, for possibilities and human fallibility in invention and inventing. Constant change, the capacities of natural systems when blocked or unhinged by manufactured human institutions and systems, the ways in which we and/or our own institutions tend to change or impress us with information and data. The usefulness of any imbalance in nature and the measurements of natural change in human scales and easily misconstrued ultimatums of measure and value. Dividends of expression and impressions of inventions that could change the nature of change and chance, the hopefulness of human beings against accident and only ever in accordance with our own volatile natures, to escape this natural system that forms based on volatile relationships and chance encounters…forever subject to our own intensities, inventing always anew more options and ways to disconnect from this natural system, becoming systemic repression of needs and desires based on human models and modems of interactive allowance. Anachronisms and missing partners in nature, the easily escaped absolutes of human timing and the tyranny of the clock in misrepresenting the actuality of changes in daylight or any number of other listed examples of escape from what’s recorded as an absolute and absolved system and the actuality of its constant changing, even the change never being the same.


Indifferent interests in the surroundings of chance or the causes of supposition in superstition and the ever present ephemeral significance that issues itself according to allotments of interest or investments of time. The avoidance of avoiding and the refusal to focus on any particularity for the cause of chance in frames outside those that would need stricter focus and reverent attentions. That which is beyond to remain forever bound to legend or myth, to cantankerous decisions in limits of space and the times needed to incur meaning and give time worth. The indecisive contortions of space limited to fractions of person or only partiality of surroundings, the need to be of and for and in use of everything, anything and beyond. For every mountain range that could be piles of curves and hard angles in rudimentary shapes, that must be only of primary colors and that is absolutely certain of itself and the containment of daylight assumed and used against the need for free thought. Prisms flashing bright arrays of chance and sectored pardons of hue in blending passions of conditioned inertia and impositions of unfairness and concern: any other place a thought could fathom itself, as though there must be particular locale or specific absolute function to assume and use against sense for the sake of determinant mythology and absolutist ultimatums of time and space. Disarray and the overlapping chasms of space convened in any single sight, the let alone preponderance of vastness beyond measure and without any certainty beyond being uncertain, the constraint in limitlessness and the angular spaces of possibilities misconstrued in any glance or even second glance: the ease of distortion and the implacable conveniences of mythology and the usual permissions of person and consolations to any independent thought or self-pride. Ministries of thoughtful absolutes and entrapping ultimatums of process for any amount of freedom of expression or free thought. Decisive inconclusive measureless in-treatise of thought and fathomed distances beyond measure, of the incessant need to know and the refusal to assume knowledge.

A Parted Environment

Fairness in the paces between shape and motion comparing with time and space for indicatives useful enough to make sense. The distances beyond measurement again, and the indecisive nature of any cognitive process or perspective. Another metered distance from the time spent wondering and the words becoming themselves without thought, knowledge beyond any knowledge of our own and the invention of time to the misuses of infinitum, as though it is for us, in fact as though we must be our own inventions. Negations of free will and the idea of participation beyond any actual interaction: incurable curiosity for that which is beyond sense, the hardened facts of what has become to be expected of such inquiry and wonder. Upsets of past indicatives and the removals of self from the triumphs of anxiety, the considerations of conservation of space and the matter left to argue about universal data in anything. As though any constant could be real for long enough to matter or the differences between time and space are all that have been keeping us apart, to the sense of being able to be individualist, or separate from anyone or anything. What lovely dimensions of difference each must have or become for some sort of passing momentum. What apriory could shift its subjective gaze for long enough to concert a portion of truth to record of any sort or become real for long enough to be recognized at all, let alone with any factual basis.

The ways in which dimension presents itself to mind, presence and the capability to miscalculate and sever values of sight for vision or portions of the past for personal renditions, the fairness of the assumption of shape and the corner that turned to circular angles for moments of confused apprehension. The moment is shapely enough and continues to other ones, becomes another dimension of memory and recalls accordingly to the distances wanted or matched or kept. Decisions already made, the conditions of actual choice few, and taken the farther in the negation of will as though invented for separation from environment or fashioned specifically in each as a will to have intuitive sense of surrounding being separation and impartation. Constraining exertions of voice and inertia of idea and ideal, what care could avow itself time or space for any subject or matter for fact? The indiscernible cautionary flaunting and decisions of recovery and resilience still abound in balance and constraining indicative parts of leisure to usefulness or that part didn’t belong there, the sense of attachment to and release from surroundings and environment as a part of persona. Disenchanted miseries and confiscated time apart interrupted again, as though time and indecision were never allowed, the fullness of returning against the pull to ease or fervor, the unpleasant dissonance and in-between transitioning movement or bare decipherable want to dissect perspective or inert concertion of difference compelled and exhorted in solace and reprieve.

Imagined Constraint

Investments of time and the efforts of imagined constraints. The idea of accuracy in the record of imaginary events, thoughts forming themselves of the surroundings and cautions learned and the entreat of stress patterning from other parts of partialities we have come to understand as part of our own wholeness. The world involved in us, these words to describe the mental events that orchestrate the possibilities of understanding and insight, that allow for the wonder of the ideas beyond self. The particular details able to frustrate to no end the concepts of shared space and interactive environments. The willingness to be fully engaged in the environment and surroundings, wherever that may be or could even be imagined as applying to. Distractions and escapes bring surfacing to the curves of tension and those same curves of beauty or allowance of slightly a-symmetrical spin to every growth or pattern. Beauty needs ugliness, order needs mess. Reality remains a perception and re-conditions the variances of anxiety to tolerable levels automatically, what’s left missing and exasperation, what wanted involvement or needed the attention? Subliminal exertion in variances of postural reflexes again and again, uncontrollable automatic reactions, impulsivity and the ability to focus on obscure stressors. Pausing and wincing for the “places” beyond sense worth reckoning with or avoiding. Incandescent magnitudes of shapeliness in portions of attendant sight and the imaginary event beyond even the record of dreams. Beyond words for sense in the describing of imaginary event, the capability to automatically assert imagined connections and cause and the need to feel connected to the world around us. We aren’t necessarily attached, and an imagination could invent an entire environment, and re-invent every instance of interaction for the attainability of ambiguous connection and cause that doesn’t have actual presence or otherwise effect or affect on the situations themselves. The possibilities of cause are endless, finite but endless, and constrain based on assumptive efforts of claimant autonomy. Limits to reason and understanding in the description of mental and imaginary events and the ability to easily formulate connections that aren’t real and that don’t actually hold referendum or reference. The lacking portrait and continual abasement of sense as though it could really be common or as though what we have mostly figured out by now will never be known to the most of us even with the most extravagant efforts to inform. The assumptions of imaginary event causing real constraints upon the actuality of the investments and engagements, the idea of wholeness of environment automatically attaching us to parts of cause and connection that really has nothing to do with us at all. Grand togetherness procedures and the ease of connectivity in imaginary event, paradox and proximity to fashion cautions and whims to invent new measurements of assurance.


Invented togetherness to hold lonely

The variances still quiet and leaning

dolorous heave and disquieting leisure

The magnificence of feeling

the mountains as a part of something

other than the scenery

Trepidation of others’ vision

Could have been seen before

Never as this, never as that

conceit Divination promise and demise

impressions of consolations to pride again

It’s all yours!

Variability and Volatility

In the invariability and constraint of assumption and potential, nature does not plan the future, nor does it need to. Nature a separate field or innate and departed from us, knowledge as separate field and the tendency to assume infinitum: the apriory of infinitum in the assumptive potential of interaction or environment. The habitual and innate,  variability and volatility: nature doesn’t need guess work for future problems, and solves them as advancement irregardless of the options or obstacles. That which knowledge of nature could never reach and decidable limits to the possible combinations of instances of interaction with environment. Knowledge and inspiration as innate and also entirely apart from us, imaginary to be assumed beyond biological construct is a mistake, and a dangerous one. Imaginary is a physiological construct of silence, clarity and stillness as physiological constructs of non-space or nothing. These spaces within the body that could very well produce such actions and reactions as those that would be necessary to guessing games of similar instancing are prevalent and common throughout the body, especially in inflammation and retention in plasticity. Knowledge beyond knowledge, these imaginary confirmations of suppliant skill share and the persistence of individuality as the obvious goal in most growth, nature as knowledge in separate field, a part of nature and the idea itself of being so separate, that very same capability in imagination. The indescribable sense of imaginary beyond words for sense, the idea of all-knowing and everything and that which knowledge of nature could never reach in imaginary space. Knowledge beyond nature? Incessant power of suggestion and the inopportune accident and coincident claimant to removals and refusals of any claiming of personas of conditioned expression and motion confused for emotion in the ideas of body and being. Shapeliness beyond the devices of space, of self, illimitable imagination and the powers of confabulation. Disenchanting and formulaic refusals of misinterpretations’ dangers and the trepidation of mind and being beyond oneself imagining as though separate or innate. Could only ever be in one place at one time, imaginary is imaginary and the transforms of possibility and capability in blind spots and great guessing have lost entire centuries of rhythm and information to paradox and proximity. Volatility and the risk assessments intended to curtail progress especially cater to systems with the most upset and counter-reactive possibilities in transforms, too dangerous and confidential, these natural constructs of imaginary space and the ease of misinterpretation in differencing machines. How could we measure our differences to nature, were we not so far beyond in imaginary? We have inventions to tell us we’re so much more separate, to assure us of our safety from the wilderness. More variants and volatile seeming situations are necessary to growth, and nature depends upon growth in homeostasis, not defeats and competitions. Not safety. Nature doesn’t guess, but grows: cannot be wholly separate or definitely innate, and doesn’t necessarily construe knowledge.

Everything does not attach to Everything.

The differences in sight and the catching of a glance in diagonal, the Gutenberg diagonal and the capability in focus and organization of field. The limits of the ideas of focus, the mythological perception that our eyes narrow in on parts of our environment actually means that other parts are then out of focus or blurred. The ways created by lenses and the capability in the human brain to try overcompensating for the bifocal polar regions inability to narrow down the input information beyond hexagons for a curtailing assumption in quadrants of sight or linearity in distinction of frame. Eyes cast aside mean the same for each pair, each part of the same sequential movement and accommodation of environment in the mythology of stillness or infinity. Temperature and movement as determinants of time beyond assumptions of eternity or infinity depend upon imaginary space and discern in accordance with the accomidations to infinitum that assume stillness and silence as well. Inward creation, to have happenstance in meaning and cause according to expression or derivatives of recombinative assumptive sight in variants of visions from assumed imaginary space and the connectivity in apriory. Freedom of association, especially of the things that must have captivated us or attention, that must have been of notice or note to us based on postural reflexes, or what the assumed cause and value of the connection could or would be. The conventions and inventions of interactions and the environment’s coercion of imaginary event in conveying meaning to happenstance and causation/continuer. Caused or continued, only an assumption of conglomerated endings would confer the idea of everything being continued (infinitum) and/or of everything having “cause” or purpose. How could coincident be recorded accurately by time or resemblance in instancing of moments of particularities in isolation?! Happenstance and coincident maybe aren’t a “cause” for the measure of time. Accuracy in the record of imaginary event and the differentiation of self from imagined interactive parts of the environment, from every single little connection that meant part of self on a shelf. Actual accident or coincident, when assimilated in meaning or attachment to event, leave mythological record of simultaneity of event and coincident of happenstance. Actual information in the mythology of time and the records of supposed similarity making the record of actual coincident and imaginary more difficult in expectancy limits and inaccurate risk assessments based on pendulums and the expectation of event to prometheate eventuality and the ease in timing for inaccurate record of similarity and assimilation.


Measurements, the features of conditions to preference and the challenge of neutrality, the differences in any amount of difference are decidable by instrument. These bodies of physical law and the nature with which we break them, no meaning or purpose for these measuring characters we become our own roles of. Accuracy in the record, the hopes for separation of record from the measurement of it, as though the inventions we have attached ourselves to would ever allow that. Divisiveness in containing the layering indicative easily applied to any want of autonomy or and any sort of ambiguity, the usefulness in anything to decide itself beyond measure for record while attaching itself to meaning and place is misplaced wonderment bent on mythology. The Accuracy of event to record and the manipulations of measurement are avoidable, we exist to our instrument and inventions alone, any life beyond beyond measure and subject of the abyss. Contemporary record of now and the presence missing out beyond a moment happening already passed as part of memory, of the idea of present moment and the impossibility of the defiance suggested in the differences manufacturing and or assembling inspiration. Imaginary infinitum to discern symbols of being beyond measure: the only idea for it we actually have is really imaginary. The measures of existence far more important than actually existing. The want for connections far more important than actual connectivity or continuing. The inevitability of autonomy: accidents happen, coincidence is plenty.

Venus Sinus

Morbid testaments to the sights left unknowing or the assumptions easily born of misinformation and association in assumption. Each meaning so sure of itself, the page to relegate its own devices and the remainders of place recourse for the ever present imagined need for closeness, always at the cost of space. Ambiguous degenerations of thoughts’ progress and the possibilities of exemplary significance purposefully removed. Options left to the neutrality of egalitarian thinking remain few, and punishable irregardless of intent or actual context. These phantoms of ideologies to interrupt the concepts of missing lost and valuable information misused and kept to its falseness for the commons or idealogies of standards and their absolutist compartments for over-specialization of roles and ideas, especially imaginary ones. Cross the boundaries, the gifts of thought to bless each passing isolation value condenses venom and curse to each portrait of absolutism and authoritarianism. And the ONLY alternatives, the same application of ultimate and only, of the necessary and supposedly helpful to that cruelty used to condone such otherwise optional helpfulness. Condolences to conscience, it’s never to be expected.

What ephemeral air of passing wind in humour could bless precisely enough to be claimed for others’ ambiguous need to attach to the world around? Imaginary event to produce such senses or the bodily digression of which came first, this observation of flesh and its embodiment in motion and operant structure. Curvature of space between intent and inspiration, the process assumed and contained? Here, the closure asked in such, operation or function? Ever changing, morphological constants, the structure always the highest regard and all we ever see of each other is already dead. Every part of human body eyes can perceive is already decayed beyond use, for the most part. What purpose, what meaning? Ambiguous validity, how much information that is absolutely true case and fact to standards is actually completely false? Proven so, and held with belief and commons as understanding that none can pass or upset, lest the detriment forestall any creativity left to them. Never-mind, by now limits in standards completely escaped in limits of structure-less-ness, and have become infallible for such assurance. Only certain parts must apply, the ligaments of legislate to the body of knowledge already completely entirety and unswerving physiologic law, arbitrary immunology and the rotation of the shoulder blade, absolute assurances of daylight or movement in the same humming of bees wings or blades cutting through the air for lift. Rotten or falling fruit, the variations ever present in any amount of supposed validity and the negation of even ‘Venus‘ in the sinus and nerves.

Language allowance and application, what derivatives of compilation entirely escape, remain missing for more centuries of honest involvement with no attention. Conceit in divinities to condition understanding of body, of the world, negation of the language used to formulate in favor of less accurate and more scientific terminology. Whose use, for what accuracy? What names would tell us more function, what inferences would condition our understanding to the reality of our own minds more effectively? And if not to our own minds alone, what assumption of separate fields of knowledge necessitate these transforms but negate their usefulness in favor of the newest and ‘best’? The language used to describe imaginary and mental event isn’t necessarily helped by the negation of all the tools we have used to navigate thus far: the more accurate naming of mental and imaginary event cannot negate the language used and evolved from to form scientific process.

Options in opportunism: whatever yuh needed…

Magnificence, the notable or granting contrivances of vision according to the imaginary space that digests information beyond our actual senses. The metabolism of dreams or the lifespan of an imaginary event: postulates of figures we contrive in the divisions of laborious task, time and the management of the process we imagine having influence over. Convinced significances of desecration and the limits given in normality or the conditions of constantly changing while remaining the same wholeness. Sense for wholeness, metabolism of lifespan, the things that are supposed to stay dead. Lost cause and missing information, the friction of inspiration or the myth of motivating factors beyond actual accident or coincidence. Any cause, any more meaning, the necessary to opportunity or the needed for controlled commons. Measured significance, magnifies the splendid to whatever perspective seems befitting, momentary gifts or drifts, inspiration and the naming of imaginary events to the meanings we are as portrayal. Reconvenes the harshness to quandry of possibility, the driven endings to the deadened past: proximal limitations to personhood. Figures, the parting actualities frequent the lost or damaging missing pieces, blame the mis-fitting knowing nothing was never meant for a place. Hold lonesomeness to no place, divert the easily mistaken horribly confused mysticism for the balancing of actual coincidence. Whole organisms, unto self alone, these constantly shifting axis points reconvene the daytime to splits in jarred textures of medium, cut diadem like a cation to a non-sense region, splatter vernacular randomness for coincidental absorption. Picking up random lettering schemes in charted lists of the possibilities between the numbered significance. Nominal nomials, the best wishes for actually picking out what symbols tend to take to certain cutting or edging, the figures that define and derive us in shapeliness imagined as event in mind. Envisioned precision to imaginary events and charting the significance as though any cause or meaning would be ready and applicable irregardless, and ever must be part of some sort of longer list. Options in opportunism, whatever yuh needed…

Coincident is plenty.