Someday, To Be Able To Tell The Weather And Thought

Someday, To Be Able To Tell The Weather And Thought

Bright clouds and sinking harmonies:

making of destiny

Brightened mists and foggy glow

through obscured visions

Atmospheres of melody, sinking

covering grounds in the same fog

Glowering intensity and measuring

fraught insistence and mesmerizing

Beyond sense, these portions of imagined

slandering, covering the earth in thickened

Weathering, the distress in nimbostratus

what’s coming, these tell tale signs

Reading Lorentzian possibilities

gathered in sunken refrain

Metachromatic off-key stances

the music in the weathered

The faint, faint harmonious need

to be in key, to be tuning

These revelations to sense, to comradery

to differences in stance and belief

Weather played out musically

the events as they are happening

Not because they must happen

but because they do

The chair still emptied, not determined

but honest and true

Contrasts of insight and decision

basking in the foggy glow again

Searching through the potentials of thought

rummaging melodically, methodically

Making it rain,

imagining a closeness

Place. Meant.

Wider margins of doubt, more possible alternatives, the margin of necessary wrong, wild guesses and random seeming selection and identification procedures, illusions of time and space instead of motion and field: shapeliness. The unwillingness to be wrong or mistaken and the necessity of mythology to reason, mindful trickery. So easily demeaned as wrong or inaccurate […]

Place. Meant.

Lost, Random Stacks

Reading for puzzlement more often than for entertainment and interest, the standards necessary to looking in the mirror or walking along. Causation and collocation. Diction for the breadths of note or notes of imagined breathing or sound. Derived itself in severance values departed from the normality situative in language or conditioned in norms of exchange. […]

Lost, Random Stacks


Wandering space it expanded and collapsed the endings only ended. The end. Inaccurate guessing for decent questions, in highest hopes, to assume being in the wrong and to the pursuit of knowledge in information. For your information, this didn’t belong: hoping to echo the hopes of the dilemmas present and contiguous with main-stream ideas and […]


I got Ideals…

Hats The distance between applied science and the arts section, 600s and 700s, the differences between sewing and crochet work, the distinctions in design or application of usefulness in reckoning and sighing attentive weight. The constraining sense of indicative in absolute ideals for placement, for meaning, for information reliability. A book that could fit in […]

I got Ideals…

Missing Books.

Missing Section? Big Ideas, abstract largeness, free thoughts particians from the state are to be found in solid universities and colleges, much easier to bear and more difficult to differentiate that in the Poor Man’s University. The Library as the greatest tutor. The actually free educations offered in the United, Stated truently, the Library or […]

Missing Books.


Autodidactic study in metatheory: used miscellaneous banned Z-library materials stretching theory across new spectrums of the zeroes generality section, waiting in the eights and swarmed comfort in the fives and threes, between every leaflet bound in codice, information itself, or inspiration and imagination and the place to find logic and As A Man Thinketh from […]


Serial and Signia

Serial and signia, the conditions we give for contrast and the spaces between volumes of letters or random score or numbered apostrophe. Space. Dashed. The fixative convergence of separating spine and volume with pulp, nerve and missing figures. Endings to hillock spark within columns, imagined support and structure to fit function. Perfectly timed sparks and […]

Serial and Signia