This is Imaginary

The visions between sight and the gaps of language left to the imaginary senses beyond sense that instruct with instinct, that derive potentials from medium to absorb in conditioning and gradient. These, same pathways and the recurb of newness or the ever pressing need to reconsider the futurism that must contain every part of everything, … Continue reading This is Imaginary

2019 Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Competition (poem)

      A wholeness, frigidity forms metamorphic structure to one of the coldest mediums to become human or, just what shapeliness leaves hardened to pack carved form shape, volume weighted rounds to vacant transitional shapes flowing as if to liquify solid statement of space-- struck cold hard and immovable by the last day, slightly melting. … Continue reading 2019 Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Competition (poem)


Dense conversions of the ways in which a concentration could produce itself, convert and condense based on the ambiguity of validity in path and reconvene severance values to mediums of absorption. Sometimes, returned to the filtrate completely changed and entirely the same, removal applies itself in portrait or assumptive stillness in the frequency of dialect … Continue reading AroundAgain


Reversals and missing irregardless of the target, another questioning machine for asking answers that cannot be found, or that are better imaginary or unkown. What could usefulness limit in ourselves based on assumptions of answers or definitives? Same quandaries, these same figurative construed missteps to the perfectly assembled and apriorist parts allowed in pictorial representation. … Continue reading MeasureMessage


Totality conundrums and specificity conductions that regulate the second rate to distances between any number or space, that alias themselves to biases in patterns of consistency based on figures of speech. Distance gathered ratios to spaces between negative or positive, to guessing and neutrality, suddenly wondered at the readiness to bombard a wrong answer. Could … Continue reading anotherperspective

Wakes in full views of pools filled to emptying from the textures affixed beyond whatever radiance would define itself in the non-definitive or condition itself to sight in paths of relevance, already seen before, already enveloped and entirely set apart and alone. Beyond any participation, there were concerted efforts of particulars and digits to construct … Continue reading

Warning (prompt)

Took another caution for the time against wonder fought the conditioned frequency asking about guidance in provincial distrusting fierceness this, for other voiceless masses When the fear doesn't silence as if we had loud voices to begin with quieted, complacent in friendly neighborhoods careful warnings for cruelties just in case, guilt can save your shame and it's a grace, anyway … Continue reading Warning (prompt)