And Or Theory

And Or Theory is an autodidactic, poetical theory to disprove theory in information reliability and metaphysical data as a physiological construct. Over the past nine years or so, I have been continually writing poetry, essay, short story and reader/zine that I culminated in what I call And Or Theory. A lot of this project is my own worldview, which is definitely mentally ill and which offers another side to many curiosities and questions that I feel are often overlooked or have little understanding to them. I grapple with dualism and the need for darkness, with physiological constructs of non-space, with the ideas of metaphysical data in the context of mental illness, with data as nutrients, and with the ideas of intellectual property and metaphysical data. A lot of my information is incorrect. I tried my best to understand some of the more puzzling interactions in the human body to try and understand the mysteries I and many others have experienced and been confused by. As hard as I tried to make sure that I wasn’t answering questions but simply asking them, there is some chance of misinterpretation, especially in the need for darkness and the actual parameters of mental illness and the contrasts of extra-sensory capabilities: I’ve tried to be as specific and clear as possible in what I would call the culmination of my theory in the essay Metaphysical Data which I self published online. And Or Theory is an attempt to ask better questions about common curiosities in the universe, not to answer any questions. I still hesitate to call it a theory, these ideas obviously have not been tested and can’t really be applied affectively to any sort of experimentation, and that was never the intention of my theory, but more to just get down on paper my own personal theories and questions about the nature of existence and my own place in the big picture. And Or Theory has two different copyrights, 2017. And Or Theory is mostly in handwriting.

This is not a full list, but parts of parts of the theory:

There are two different chap books I wrote. One is self published titled “Abstract & Conceptual” available for download here:

The other “Myth Superstition” is at the mercy of publishers.

Ou Phrontis is a musical project with the amazing Simon Nicol which can be found at

contact with any questions or and if you are interested in seeing more of the theory

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