Warning (prompt)

Took another caution for the time against wonder fought the conditioned frequency asking about guidance in provincial distrusting fierceness this, for other voiceless masses When the fear doesn't silence as if we had loud voices to begin with quieted, complacent in friendly neighborhoods careful warnings for cruelties just in case, guilt can save your shame and it's a grace, anyway … Continue reading Warning (prompt)


Waited the diligence beyond me, contrived the positions for avoidance or condensed my own revenge to small pockets of grinning indignation for the surplus of condescension. More reasons to permit or regard accordingly; more chances to prove yourself decent enough to exist or the basest conditions dismissed themselves against the measurements for actuality, for the … Continue reading removed


what's another for the delinquency in pages or the pushing for the sake of it, what about the other rounds about the same temples rubbing in frustration or the sampling of supposed emotion? Claim to another poetical phrasing syndrome, practicality can almost write itself after long enough, here's another way to avoid having to feel … Continue reading sure