it’s all your meaning.

Brutal fixed station pacificity condolences

fancy contractual vexes way to tell yourself

fortunes of literary mistakes jumbled vocabulary

garble nooks for the new unseen same ol’

purchase registry convictions astonishments

hinging from thoughtless form subjects desecrated

zany candled lit box tube fittings for sale

piles of marbles straight line not counting the dominoes

umbrellas drizzle treetop mooning faintness

just sketch promise skits and paranoia drone benevolence

trembled nervous shake and deliverance, never fail me

a semi-frequency thought casting lakes for holes in non-existent ice

extortion isolation bombastic protective slasher revision

fear tremendous words find the same ol’ different places

temptations scare themselves the ways of ever

forget to breathe or say I don’t have to match breathing

just stretch out, nothing special or prophetic end times games

justice ate itself as an ice-cream cone from some meme

it’s all your meaning.