(it’s hanging in the air between you and you are)

re-frame yourself about autobiography

there are the lines you’re skipping

the nothing to avoid itself beyond you

past there sticking to old puts

let down and falling up

least at let to us

imaginary gasp limits

hand over the beneath again

these wreckages of dodging permanence

any way you please to see it

healthy self imagery perception

there are ways to burn that never find a portrait

sitting and still the mania in stoic

boredom overstimulations

life assimilators anywhere at once

no place to be particular

firmly bereft absence

skilled performances of lettering

mock careless configurations happening quickly

those, times for places and things

it is someone else’s

else’s ware

forget to stomp yourself

stop yourself caring or

too uncaring to be rude about anything

what you need is

there’s this, I dunno

leverage for humility in phrasing punctuate

pause winded through places with no air

that suffocation


I forgot

binding knots for the impertinent answers

there to never get


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