There the poor dear finds the fitted reluctance of avoiding severity and the ducking kindness that thought provoking melodromatic harmony moves lists of dialogue in coding before actual engagement. Scatter drop pennies in terrible empty slots and listen to the bottom ding against itself in something repetitive or too familiar for the comfort we seek in newness. Traditionally constructing formulaic desecration of linament that says you must abide in its conjecture and referendum and it seems ugly or horrible to the screen apart a press. Rigidity and solitude rubbing out the regardless inquiry and supposed rolling heads stated against the indecisive and situationally behest cabinets. Over-correctness, a feeling of know it all or for accuracies sake a need to withdrawal from devices of jealousy or greed. The split seconds groan with the wary continuance of variance and boredom as symptom and its treatments bash each coping mechanism against a process of loneliness and yanking gross values for healthy vulgarity and incurable being. Over-reaching wild guesses and embarrassing catch back quickness quandary; regard yourself in something other than fury for those instances of mind that need to be where they are not fucking going for some reason or another. The ways beauty has bent before me that wish more than my eyes could follow even before I could wish so myself. Distance relational as if the seems of digestion in peripheral and wise application are less formidable than those behaving as if they directly control every urge or emotional response they have. how would I be productive if not miserable becoming too self important for industriousness: its not any liberty from a systemic lean bent to curb free thought and questioning to assume we need more discipline for the poor.

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