congruence in word
the similarities hit random seems perfectly
proportionate to noting

narrative spikes

drives memory in mind
leans forward intuitively
sets hard back accidently

calmly watches the distraction of thought
from the salt water
brackish brine lapping concerted conceptions
of focus.

Like an old boot, pulled up covered in seaweed
red tide
the spectrum shifts irreparably

cause and replication
the computation in imaginary dynamic
blushing away a wake of comments
I can’t possibly make
fuck sake

your carnal knowledge
is mistake
(yeah, sure, and someday we’ll all be flying around like bees)

let me dance you directions
to the nearest flower
you can build a solitary nest of the petals
and never be bothered again
by mathematics

that tell your wings they can’t fly
there’s no real sun these days anyhow
it’s all florescent or seen through silk screens of chem-trails

blasting patterns at XY like we could find out
what zero and one are actually doing so close together