Measurements, the features of conditions to preference and the challenge of neutrality, the differences in any amount of difference are decidable by instrument. These bodies of physical law and the nature with which we break them, no meaning or purpose for these measuring characters we become our own roles of. Accuracy in the record, the … Continue reading Measures

Venus Sinus

Morbid testaments to the sights left unknowing or the assumptions easily born of misinformation and association in assumption. Each meaning so sure of itself, the page to relegate its own devices and the remainders of place recourse for the ever present imagined need for closeness, always at the cost of space. Ambiguous degenerations of thoughts' … Continue reading Venus Sinus

Options in opportunism: whatever yuh needed…

Magnificence, the notable or granting contrivances of vision according to the imaginary space that digests information beyond our actual senses. The metabolism of dreams or the lifespan of an imaginary event: postulates of figures we contrive in the divisions of laborious task, time and the management of the process we imagine having influence over. Convinced … Continue reading Options in opportunism: whatever yuh needed…

2019 Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Competition (poem)

      A wholeness,¬†frigidity forms metamorphic structure to one of the coldest mediums to become human or, just what shapeliness leaves hardened to pack carved form shape, volume weighted rounds to vacant transitional shapes flowing as if to liquify solid statement of space-- struck cold hard and immovable by the last day, slightly melting. … Continue reading 2019 Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Competition (poem)