Someday, To Be Able To Tell The Weather And Thought

Someday, To Be Able To Tell The Weather And Thought Bright clouds and sinking harmonies: making of destiny Brightened mists and foggy glow through obscured visions Atmospheres of melody, sinking covering grounds in the same fog Glowering intensity and measuring fraught insistence and mesmerizing Beyond sense, these portions of imagined slandering, covering the earth in … Continue reading Someday, To Be Able To Tell The Weather And Thought

Given Space

Intensities of spaciousness, the conversions of adverse involuntary excitement, derivement of considerate space worth nobodies business Gracing immeasurable limits, containing roughage and desires and missing excitements Closeness beyond itself and reckoning attention Partially wrecked and according to damage afforded by these lengths of time or what it is that we must give ourselves The spaciousness … Continue reading Given Space

Never Exactly…

The passing times and capabilities of inspiration: the ease of conditioning response becoming the terse invitations of inspiration and progress construed in multiplicative efforts. Every part of the present condition before actually presenting anything regards the moment, this here and now, as already passing by, and the future becoming every moment worth having, refrains from … Continue reading Never Exactly…

Imagining Coincidence

Imagining coincidence, the capabilities in actual accuracy in record of a coincident or mental event, the capacity for observation and the tendency to add to any certain event from personal beliefs or experience. The need for accurate record of imagined event and the actuality that most coincidence is an imagined event cannot be separated: imaginary … Continue reading Imagining Coincidence


Derivements of space and the inward glancing structures of decision and word, conscious choice and indecision in meaning and chance reconvene accidents in emptiness to contrast filling thought. Distributions of sense and containments of the measures possible in the makeshift limits given to suffice haphazard need for knowledge where there is none. Intertwining facets of … Continue reading Solid.